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Literally an awesome friend and good person to be around! They are smart and funny at sometimes. Even though he is quite weird at random moments. They are also a little hyperactive but can be chill and not in your face. They are also not rude and can be very affectionate.
Woah!!! That person is a Madox! I wanna be your friend!
by UrbanM8 December 28, 2017
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really awkward. usually includes making ox horns with your hands while saying "mad ox". other spellings include: mad awks, mad aux, etc.
that scene was mad ox.
by midsummernightfairy August 22, 2011
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A hand gesture used during an awkward moment. 'Ox' as in 'awks', the short form of awkward. This gesture is used to express that the situation is awkward. Depending on the situation, it can either make the situation more awkward or help clear the air. The mad ox is created by holding your index fingers up at the side of your head like ox horns and making an angry face.
Boy: Just call me milk, I'll do your body good
Girl: that's cool

Boy: *MAD OX*
by fayeisaunicorn June 11, 2011
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