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Madelynn is a very smart, wonderful, sweet, pretty, most awesome girl you have ever met. She is always there for you when you need her the most and she is just amazing at everything she does.
WOW, Madelynn is so cute I love her.
I wish I was just like Madelynn!
by Ellisebr June 15, 2018
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She's an amazing person! Loved by everyone because of her outstanding talents. She the most gorgeous person in the room with her sexy eyes, she will make you feel special. She see's the good in everyone. All the guys are obsessed with Madelynn due to her unique and fun personality, but sometimes since men are all over her she loves to easy. She has many dark secrets but only the small handful of people she trust only know parts of her secrets. She desires passion and to be loved in a way she wants. She's great in bed, most men would say, but Madelynn is looking for a different kind of fun too! So if you are looking for some fun and passion.... you shouldn't hit up a Madelynn, and treat her like she's the most valuable thing in the world and she will do the same!
when I look into madelynns eyes, I melt!

Madelynn is my go too girl when I wanna have a good time.;)
by ColbysKindaSortaGirlFriend,MnM November 18, 2018
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Hottest Girl in the ENTIRE college!!! :)
She is an amazing singer and pianist. She is so talented. I wish I could be just like her!! :)
Yeah, she's such a Madelynn!
by Fiona Johnson October 03, 2010
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