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A beautiful/cute girl who a lot love and care about her. Even if she's short or not she is perfect.Boys like her a lot and want to be with her but the boys should be loyal and respectful to her. Some people would do anything to hangout with her or something. She is a perfect, amazing, loving, and caring girl. Losing her is like losing either half of your heart or losing the love of your life. Funny and goofy girl who makes people want to hangout with her forever.
"I can't live without madel."
by bby_g November 12, 2017
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A tiny girl who does not know directions well and is equally bad at giving them. However, despite these traits, she's a fun-sized girl that everyone gets along with.
She just Madel'd you.
by TheJackieChan February 02, 2012
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This fun-sized girl may be short, but she has y’all friends too. It’s good for shade, so she’s perfect for any weather! You can find one surfing the internet or in cold places. She’ll never leave your side(unless you did something unforgivable)
Person1- who’s that standing behind that y’all boy?
Person2- thats Madel!
by Funsized24 July 30, 2018
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