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Don't be fooled with trickery by businesses.

Made in AMERICA. America is a continent. There is South, Middle and North America. Canada and Mexico are part of America.

So if you see "Made In America" and expect it to have been made in the UNITED STATES it could be misleading.
I support the United States having jobs. That is why I buy "Made In America" products. Last week I found out that my toothbrush, which said Made In America on it, was Made In Mexico. But since Mexico is a part of the American Continent, the company was not lying about where the product was made so I could not sue.
by FrodoBagginz May 04, 2011
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A phrase that was used on many manuefactured goods that has lost its former glory, and continues to disappear at a rate of 20% every fiscal quarter.

Also something that is part of an elaborate scam that is used to sell Chinese products to the Japanese and any other of the various people that mistakingly think that we are fascinating and that our goods are of superiour quality.
My shoes say "Made in America. If I keep these, their value will double every three years. (even if I wear them)

African person: My Mickey Mouse shirt says "Made in America."
Other African person: *Bang* now its My Mickey Mouse Shirt. America rox!
by krackas September 03, 2005
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