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To pull off a totally unbelievable (fake) story and believe that the audience believed it, however incredible be it.
Last night I was walking by and a bus stopped by. People from the bus started insulting me and there were about 40 of them. I got really mad and pulled inside and started whacking each and every one of them. Then, I saw more help arriving to help the guys in the bus. I managed to jump through the window and ran for my life.

I just pulled of a madani
by Saileshsingh July 26, 2009
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1. A unit of measurement roughy approximating 100 pounds. Commonly used among bodybuilders.

2. California slang for a Pinocchio boy-child
You're lookin pretty big bro, how many Madanis you been squatting?

Who takes their shirt off at an ice rink? What a fucking Madani.
by Allingoodfun February 03, 2014
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