The biggest hoe you will ever meet. She is very short and she loves kissing other people shawtys. She is VERY fake and VERY toxic.. Don't hang out with one unless you want drama.
Yooo madalyn a hoeeee!!!!
by Shianne September 06, 2020
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A retarded piece of shit. Everyone she meets would love to yeet her across the world. She's always short and dense, with severe adhd. She has a wierd sense of humor, and is guaranteed to accidentally kill all of your hopes and dreams with a joke. Horribly competitive. Even with all of these horrible qualities, she is still the best friend you can ever have. Good luck.
"God damn it, Madalyn!"
"You know you love me."
by gayboi789 November 05, 2019
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Madalyn is very miss understood.. She seems to be a big ball of fun always smiling! Loves to party. usually small and beautiful. Under the cover her dark past glooms. She was a little emo.

Maybe has more dark secrets now.

If she has a boyfriend he should be lucky! she is extremely stubborn and doesn’t like to admit she loves people. So when she does she really means it. She also has quite bad trust issues. So don’t take it personally. She has a mixed taste in music. Her laugh brightens the room. She is friends with everyone but doesn’t class herself as popular. She has gone through a lot with her family and friends. Although she has a strong friendship group now. her past always lingers.
Hey your going out with Madalyn?
You lucky guy!
by Minecraftloves January 08, 2020
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She’s the prettiest girl ever she’s super cute nice she’s the best best friend you’ll ever have she’s just awesome and she’s mean to her pet if she has one most likely she has a hamster not everyone likes her but who cares she’s the best person ever she’s my favorite person I know and that is at the school she’s just awesome
Madalyn is my bestfriend
by Patty101 March 26, 2020
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