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A sweet sexy woman who has a balanced social and academic life. She loves to party and shop. Madalyne loves all her friends just as much as they love her!
Madalyne is my favorite person everrrrr.
by Erin12348987654321 May 08, 2012
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A sexy woman who knows what she wants in life. Is always trying to make the best of things and is a pleasant person to be around. A lot of guys have the hots for madalyne but do you blame them!?! she's sweet,funny, and charming. Not only are her looks amazing but overall she's just an amazing person. Any guy would be lucky to have such a beauty like herself. I'm sure girls often get jealous of her Bc their boyfriends probably like her. She is very sassy and fun loving. She loves to shop and watch the stars on the beach. Madalyne is a very special kind of person so if u get to be with her never let her go.
Madalyne is the type of sexy I want to achieve
by Maddie brelon April 24, 2017
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