Madalyn’s are very loyal kind hearted people they have a little bit of a temper though. She is an amazing friend and prefers to be called Maddy. Madalyn’s are normally flat. Usally have brown eyes and brown or dirty blonde hair. She is beautiful and very unique. And she loves to eat food!
That girl is so pretty.... and flat she must be a Madalyn.
by Kittenlover1736 November 28, 2018
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Madalyn is the best friend you could ever ask for. She is the cutest person to walk the planet. When you hang out with a madalyn you will laugh the whole time. She has a very awesome sense of humour. Even tho she can be rude to her friends at some point she is amazing. She loves her family and friend! If you become friends with one you are really luckey because she really doesn’t like people that much. Her boyfriend is Netflix. She just remember that when you become friends you are the chosen one!💛💛
Wow who is that new girl.

I don’t know but she is obviously a Madalyn
by maria538 January 28, 2019
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She is usually tall, she has brown hair and sometimes blue eyes. She loves to party and she doesn't trust a lot of people with her secrets. She has an amazing personality and has a bad temper with people who are just dumb.
Have you ever met a madalyn? She's the best!
by analise burner April 30, 2019
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Madalyn is a girl that dont give any fucks,she does whatever she wants,shes usually tall for her age,she usually is seen like a mean person but after you get to know her for a little bit she gets very soft,she is a amazing person to be friends with,but If you would hurt her she would kill you,or if you hurt on of her close friends she will end you,dont be ended,be on her good side
Kyle:madalyn looks so scary and mean
Jake:shes my best friend,she isnt even mean...most of the time
by And I oop skskskskskkszk October 31, 2019
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A beautiful girl who is usually surrounded by taller friends. She doesn’t date much so if you get a chance with her.. take it! She always seems too fall for her bsfs. She’s shy until you get too know her. Madalyns are also very intelligent and seem to find the answer too everything.
Bro is that a madalyn? She’s soo pretty!
by Madalyns December 07, 2019
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An annoying child who spend most of their time outside or on the internet reading fanfiction and looking up nuclear disasters. Can be quite a madlad, and memes are the most important in a Madalyn's eyes. Madalyn's can also be huge nerds.
Who is that?
I guess that its a mAdaLyN
by Hellotherechildren March 09, 2019
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