"-yo why did you steal our bong?-its mad nice i had to"
"you cant roll blunts that's shitty, nah yo mad nice!"
"you shouldn't take xanax its bad for u, nah son mad nice"
"what a mad nice day, i think i'm going to take bars today"
by datnigaburei October 21, 2009
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Don't get fool by the word. Repeat a few times, it actual means DEVIL.
by Vystaa Yo Pimpstaa September 11, 2003
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A slang term that originated from a group of teenagers under the influence of a large amount of marijuana who had overly positive events happen while they were high that they unknowingly thought of a new trendy way to say when they approved of something.
Marc: the Gatorade machine just gave me 2 gatorades
Alex: Mad Nice Yo !
by BevDistrict November 01, 2011
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