An Australian term which denotes the highest possible praise in which one can receive
"He is the maddest cunt i have ever met"
"I love that kid, hes a mad cunt"
by Callum___ January 23, 2008
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An individual that pushes boundaries and takes significant risk can be described as a mad cunt.
Wow, he just did a backflip over a car, he's a mad cunt.
by Mylo1996 February 12, 2018
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A favourable person. Also used to describe a person who has lost their mind.
"I love that chick, Beebee. She is a Mad Cunt!"

"I would never get in a car with goose-busters he goes too fast. He is a Mad Cunt"
by Nogs March 3, 2004
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when a women's vagina becomes hot and red from being fucked so hard
by big black nigga February 24, 2005
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highest position on the aussie cunt hierarchy. doesn't really give a shit and is fucking crazy.
"damo, your mad cunt for this gath !"

"damo's the fucking maddest cunt i know!
by bigdudeydude July 4, 2017
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The term mad cunt or mad cunts is used as a term of endearment, it has It's origins lie with the users and members of who are quite obviously the original embodyment of this term in It's truest sense. That which is a referral to the high quality and originality of someones high talent. I.e. Fiddy I've said it before and I'll say it again, You're a mad cunt. Or..... That tune is amazing, it mangles my brain, You're a mad cunt! Well done
That tune you made is awesome, it really ducks with my brain you mad cunt.... Good stuff! I fucked her like a mad cunt and she always came back for more
by benwaa February 10, 2008
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Random: Oi Keg you mad cunt!
Keg: What butch?
Random: You are the maddest cunt out
by Big Aussie Boi November 6, 2018
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