A snotty, unrealistic person that thinks his operating system (macintosh) is better than yours. Typically, mackeys are raised up thinking windows is a good operating system, then they get their hands on a mac and think their poop doesn't stink. They often make very homo-erotic statements about their desktop, webcams, and (or) virus invulnerability.

Synonyms: Homo, fago, poopo, dumb face, ass wipe, douche licker, poop smeller, mac fag, computer turd, turd turd, turd, turdey turd turd, and (or) poop turd.

Pronunciation: Mack-e
Example 1
Jake: Dudeeeeeeeeeee, my desktop is unbelievably organized!!!
Sean and Phil: Shut up you freakin mackey.

Example 2
Jake: Dude, macs have sweet webcams so you can take millions of faggish photos of yourself kissing the screen and using peace signs while puckering your lips!!!
Sean and Phil: Shut the fuck up you douche licking mackey.

Example 3
Jake: I like men and my anus is really loose from all the times I've thrusted my mac mouse up my anus. Also, macs don't get viruses.

Sean and Phil: God, that's such a mackey thing to say.
by Philliano July 25, 2010
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A girl who is so sexy that everyone wants to mack on them.
"That girl was so yummy I just want to eat her!"
"Yeah, what a Mackey!"
by TotaldominationofUD June 16, 2013
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Amazingly beautiful girl that often doesn't realize how pretty she is. She usually gets all A+'s and is friends with everyone. She is so nice everyone loves her.
Oh I wish I could be like Mackey she has good friends and good grades! and all of the guys thinks she's cute
by Jealousofmackey April 01, 2009
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someone who acts stupid but they still have big boobs.
damn that girl was a mackey! i dont care how dumb she is she has the most amazing body ever!
by titsanyomous. March 07, 2009
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To refuse to answer questions by ignoring them, arrogantly objecting, or simply not returning phone calls. Named after a Charlotte, North Carolina politician, Nick Mackey, for his creative ways of avoiding questions to his questionable behavior and background.
Girlfriend- "You were out until 4 last night!! Where the hell were you?!"

Boyfriend-"Um...I think I'll Mackey that. Next question?"
by Whizar November 04, 2009
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1.to do to excess; overindulge in: to overdo paramedicine.
2.to carry to excess or beyond the proper limit: He puts on so much charm that he overdoes it.
3.to overact (a part); exaggerate.
Rocky was having road rage while driving the box. Richard slapped him calmly asked, "don't Mackey-it".
by pelon123 September 26, 2012
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a family man, one who is a pimp because he is such a sex feign. loves girls by the names of mary jane, and jill. always ready to party and yet still maintains a limo service. loves flashing lights while cruisin on sleepy hollow in a comf escalade with a fruit bowl from the northern lights with a side of dq
lets meet up with mackey and enjoy the routine
by molly naxera May 18, 2011
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