A person who loves Mac Miller and his music.
Guy #1: Bro you go to Mac Miller's concert last night?
Guy #2: Hell yea dude, you know I'm a Machead!
by Nwscott April 1, 2016
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A true Apple/Mac user.

Note: Different from a Mac Fanboy/girl who buys apple products like a sheep. Macheads don't even acknowledge Intel based Macs, and pray for the day Apple moves back the the superior PPC architecture or introduces an ARM based Mac.
Apple fan boys/girls make us true Apple fans, the Macheads look bad.
by bigApplemac September 15, 2011
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pronounced MAK-hed

n. a slang term for a person who regularly uses and is somewhat obsessed with Apple computers; or Macs.
If you have one or more Apple computers in your home and use them regularly, you are probably a machead.
by Graham T C February 12, 2006
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Slang term for a person who soups up or customizes Apple computers.
That machead made my old desktop wok as fast as a new machine.

The machead maxed out the RAM on my Mac.
by Cap'n do-rag September 20, 2009
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A dirogitary term used as a way to insult poor computer and poor programming skills skills, silly YouTube videos and a homosexual tone of voice.
The power button terns the computer you machead
by jeanJeanJean June 11, 2009
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Someone who has a PC and wants to have a Mac, so they try to make their PC more Mac-like by changing the preferences/
April: Mac's are awesome!
Brandon: I want a Mac!
(changes preferences so that his PC has a Dock instead of a task bar)
April: Brandon, you're such a wannabe Machead
by Mac_Luv April 9, 2010
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