My delicious boyfriend. Mine. My boyfriend. My sweet piece of man, who has sweet everythings. Delicious.
by -Domi October 8, 2008
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Some one really special who is kind, attractive funny and a great person
Ninight my sweet. Your my sweet
by 162213hey March 1, 2020
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Men who are amazing, usually with the name Sam, who stay on your mind all day!
My sweetness means the world to mee and i love him to death!!
by meganissuperfreakincool May 19, 2008
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A phrase derived from saying the phrase "Oh my sweet baby Jesus" but to shorten it you just have Oh My, Sweet. This phrase was coined by Cody Shields.
After witnessing the 2 Girls 1 Cup bideo Jimmy exclaimed "Oh my, sweet!"
by Samsonite1223 October 17, 2007
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My sweet baby is more than just that. Hes my everything, my best friend, my lover, my daddy, my baby daddy, my forever and always and so much more.

My sweet baby is here to stay forever and always, to grow with me, to smile and laugh with, to go through pain with, to always be with me.

My sweet baby is everything.
I love my sweet baby!


by My babys baby June 26, 2020
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A phrase most likely to be used by mothers, meaning something like "Oh my word" or
"Oh my goodness"
Oh my sweet giddy gads, that's the cutest little baby I ever did see.
by Ethan Schrodenheimer March 27, 2020
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A new MTV show that documents nouveaux riche girls' 16th birthdays, with parties costing upwards of $300,000. A truly staggerring display of bad taste, eyewateringly expensive but ultimately pointless birthday celebrations, and ruined kids. Pathetically docile parents come standard, B-list rock band a $60,000 option. Seeing My Super Sweet Sixteen can be best compared to witnessing a freight train hitting a bus full of children or watching a suicide bombing unfold.
If these girls were in the Bitch Olympics, they'd be disqualified for bad sportsmanship.
by Hans Blix August 28, 2005
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