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The act of mutli tasking on one's iPhone and/or iPod Touch.

Yesterday, I was listening to some Elvis Costello while writing an email to my boss on my iPhone when, all of the sudden, Ben SMS texted me from Berlin to let me know that our buddy Chip had broken his shoulder. I then browsed for the nearest hospital in their area and sent them the Google Map link. I am a pro MULTiPhoner.
by EmileBecerra March 05, 2009
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(v) the act of using two phones at the same time, such as a) the act of dialing on one phone device a number you are reading off of another phone device, or b) while using one phone device, the act of calling using another phone device.
1. I multiphoned using my iPhone to call the number sent me on my Blackberry.

2. While talking to my wife on one phone, I multiphoned Urban Flats to see if they had a kids menu.
by heathdaddio March 31, 2010
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