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Makeup enthusiast

Used mainly in twitter bios by girls who enjoy doing makeup.
"Is she a makeup artist?"

"No, she's an MUE. She isn't licensed."
by MUERE November 05, 2016
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A YouTuber that hates everything.
He made rants on Justin Bieber,
Miley Cyrus,The Jonas Brothers,
Lil' Wayne,Taylor Swift,and even
Eminem. Instead of a douchebag

who rants on everything,he rants
on things that need to have rants.
Sub to this dude,he awsome!
Guy 1-Did you see that new Lil Wayne rant
Mues released?
Guy 2-Yes,this guy is really persuasive.
by Sevenelevener December 15, 2010
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Someone awesome who doesn't need any reason why to explain their awesomeness. Just one look tells you about their aura of awesomeness.
Joe: Man, I wish I could be like that guy, he's got Mue written all over him!

Lesley: Agreed man!
by Pidover March 27, 2011
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buy the domain for your cat blog
The combination of Max and Lue- Pronounced like MOO-

Mue is a ship name my current partner came up with when they combined our names. so.

"Our ship name is Lux" -Me
"No, its Mue." -Lue
"Lux" me

"LUX" me
"MUE!!!" Lue
"Fine, mue it is." me, settling because i hate arguing
by TheTreeGod July 16, 2018
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