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MTA Mobility is a paratransit service for disabled patrons poorly run by idiots in the State of Maryland's Maryland Transit Administration. MTA Mobility should in truth be called MTA IMMobility because; it is seldom on time. MTA Mobility works sometimes but more often it takes you on a grand tour of Baltimore's worse inner city ghettos. The drivers of MTA Mobility are generally quite good but they are slaves to fools who actually administer this ill fated badly run para-transit program. The State of Maryland is run by a corrupt bunch of fools and political hacks oversee the program.

If you are lucky enough to have a job before using MTA Mobility you won't have it for long because; the only thing MTA Mobility is good for is getting you to work late. Not just a few minutes late hours late. If you have a 7 AM pick up time they might actually pick you up at 7 AM but if you have a 8:00 arrival time at destination you might get there at 10 o clock. If you are an hour late all your scheduled drop off location don't you dare say anything or else rude ignorant drivers will get angry and threaten you to a fight.

What lame people MTA Mobility hires that like to threaten violence to disabled working people. The MTA Mobility routing center is staffed by world class losers none of whom know the first thing about logistics ortransportation management.
The best reason to stay on disability and never even think of getting a job is MTA Mobility. The state of Maryland was stupid enough to spend thousands of dollars on my job training. I even got a good paying job BUT thanks to MTA Mobility I am about to lose the job. Maryland is a state run by fools who paid thousands of tax dollars to train me for a job. thousands more to prepare me for a job and now that I have the job won't spend a few dollors to help the disabled worker they created to get to his job on time.
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