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The place programmers go to prove their ability to conquer all. While in theory anyone can access said area, only true to heart dweebs ever look there. It is a place of great sadness to those that try to analyze its existence. MSDN is short for Microsoft Developer Network, yet to those denizens that follow the truth it stands for Microsoft Dungeon Nexus.
A true programmer peruses the MSDN to further delve into the cave.
by Lennie Crout November 27, 2018
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MSDN is short for Microsoft Developer Network.
The MSDN is used for help files to the various Microsoft applications.
by jjnovapp August 14, 2006
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An online programmer's resource created by Microsoft; short for Microsoft Developer's Network.
MSDN is one of those things that works in theory, but not in practice.
by mycoplasma November 14, 2006
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