Replacing the XM-8 Carbine, This is to be the United States military's next-generation standard infantry weapon. Built by Crye Associates, the assault rifle will utilize a bullpup* design using caseless ammunition** with an all sides rail interface system. By most accounts the real world version will be chambered for 6.8mm caliber in 45 round magazines, however its video game counterpart is chambered in both 6.8mm and 5.0mm caliber, according to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. The rifle is supposed to have a cyclic rate of 900 RPM. It is also shown to have a special 40mm grenade launcher attachment known as the EGLM. The EGLM in the game, however, is a modified version of the real world Enhanced Grenade Launcher Mount designed for the FN SCAR rifles

In Fiction
The MR-C is the default Rifleman weapon in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

*Bulpup: A gun where the magazine is behind the trigger. Examples are the french FAMAS and the AUG Steyr

**Caseless Amunition: Caseless ammo cartridges disolve in the chamber so that there is no leftover shells. The first model of this was the H&K G11.
I wish the army would hurry up and approve the MR-C for production.
by HKGunner April 24, 2006
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The type of guy no one likes. A very "stick up his ass" or metric pipeline type of guy. Typically hired as a high school music teacher. Usually fails vibe checks and would be the guy to find his first girlfriend (and his wife) on Tinder, rather than meeting someone in person. Usually, a guy who ruins traditions and takes things personally. A very insecure man who would rather take David down rather than fixing his own issues. But don't get him going because he'll start to cry and possibly give you another rhythm pop quiz.
"Don't do sports, do band" -Mr. C
"This band will never become good until all of you leave" -Mr. C
Mr. C walks like a baby duck with one leg or like a constipated old man.

Mr. C asked me if I needed a ride home. Oh.
by katemc November 14, 2019
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A man, otherwise known as a pussy, who refuses to go out after repeatedly saying that he would and uses the excuse that he is sick and feels like a 3/10 but in reality spends his night pleasuring himself while prooving difficult math statements and also refuses to drink because he is sick.
C'mon man don't be a Mr. C, finish that beer. Who cares if your sick.
by mr alfonso November 30, 2013
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defining a cockblocker with a pseudonym when not able to directly state said cockblocker's name.

Very useful when the cockblocker is in close vicinity of you and/or partner. Also very useful as a label to said cockblocker
Girl: What's wrong baby?
Boy: I don't want to say right now ok?
Girl's Dad: Are you sure son? You do seem a little tense and uptight

Sinister look in Dad's eyes
Boy: Well, i would be more relaxed, but once again Mr. C. M. Cockblock strikes again (winks at girlfriend without Dad noticing)
Girl's Dad: Laugh out loud (he's too douchey to write lol)
by djhiphopisdead June 18, 2010
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Mr. Biggins C. defines the male extremely of a male figure that is large. Mr. For a guy ,Biggins for big , C. For Coc-k.
Hey sweetie have you met Mr. Biggins C. ever? Well noooo why. Because u will soon and you'll love him.
by MattG178 January 11, 2016
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The Almighty legend himself. He has claimed, without valid evidence, that he has 36 Grammy awards. He also claims to have taught Eminem and Snoop Dogg how to rap. His singing sounds like a rat being stabbed in the throat, and he makes IceJJFish sound like an angel.
Person 1: Have you heard the song "Mr. C Not a Chance?"
Person 2: "You just made me want to dig my own grave"
by Tou Smallz September 2, 2022
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