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MMOwned is a World of Warcraft hacking, exploiting, botting, emulation, guides, and model editing site and is currently the largest. It is designed to allow easy access to any form of World of Warcraft "cheating" or "exploiting" though there are many things on the site that are Blizzard approved, such as leveling and money making guides.

The site has over 100,000 members 1, and is accessed by over 10,000 users daily.

There are several sections on MMOwned, but the major ones are: Exploits, Scams, Guides, Model Editing, Bots and Programs and Emulation/Private Severs.
by MMOwned December 12, 2007
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A website/message board dedicated to cheating and griefingin World of Warcraft.
Generally populated by the bottom of the MMO's community of kids and middle aged shitlicks that act like kids.

Using idiotic game slang is pretty much required, as is the ability to find it necessary to cheat at one the easiest MMO's around, just because you can and you're bored.

Members must be "funny". (The usual snarky, caustic, gamer-nerd "funny". Not actually funny-funny)
The name MMOWNED, should be enough of a red flag for anyone with an I.Q. over the age of 13.

I learned how to piss people off with mage portals! Wheee! Now I can be hated on my server for reasons other than my personality!
by Lig Na Baste March 12, 2009
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To be owned harder then usual;

MMMassively Multiplayerowned
Used in games such as WoW World of Warcraft


HaHaHa dude you just got mmowned by that murlock!
by Gnomergan September 30, 2007
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