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Guy/girl who thinks that they are superior to all others. Although in school and around parents they seem to be smart, athletic, and full of extracurricular activities... they have a wild side to them. When out with their friends they get extrememly drunk to the point of not being able to stand up, swear every other word, drink oceans of alcohol, are always horny, and on command have at least 2 booty calls. Some good qualities of an MHSer are... they all have extrememly high GPA's, they get into awesome colleges, they are amazing at sports, and they get ass 24/7. Also the girls of MHS are hott as hell. They wear abercrombie and fitch like it's their job as well as polo. They use the words postin, holla atcha boy, and blowin up WAY too much. They basically live in a rich town and party whenever possible.
You know shes an MHSer when she manages to look like a barbie doll even tho she drinks a bottle of soco and 12 beers every weekend.
by HitMeBabyOneMoreTime April 02, 2004
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If the following applies you may be a MHSer:
* you or several of your friends have a DUI
* your friends nicknames pertain to alcohol (ex. DUI, wingman, DW)
* you or someone you know has been through the trauma unit 'scared straight' thing
* if you or someone you know drinks on major religious holidays (ex. Christmas eve)
* you or someone you know has been arrested and gone to court over something amazingly stupid
* if you know Mrs. Diva, Shaft and Mort
* if you have mastered the art of drunk driving at all hours of the day
* if your idea of a day off from school is drink from morning to night
* if your pets are named after mixed drinks (ex. tequila sunrise)
* if you think the word bush is supposed to be spelled B-U-S-C-H
* if your beer of choice is Busch Light
* if you have driven a corona with a corona (dont ask)
(if you think of more feel free to add!)
by DW March 31, 2004
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MHSer - A teenager in their own drunken world. MHSer's get weed in one phone call, have atleast 5 "connections" no questions ask,their parents drive a car over 40 grand, they go to every school event piss drunk, MHSer's drinks alone and will find any excuse to down a bottle of 151, these kids put vodka in a water bottle and drink it through the school day, these kids usually have so many clothes from abercrombie or polo they could become part owner of the company, despite the money these kids have, they have drinken so much keystone or bucsh lite its become an aquired taste, the girls own atleast $300+ designer purse, the guys all own atleast 15 collard shirts minimum, MHSer's parents are usually clueless to what their teens are doing or just dont give a fuck, the school is full of future stars of "girls gone wild" An ounce of haze is like pocket change, when listening to DMB they all see the same goddamn thing, cloudy colors and swirls. half of the kids think theyre ghetto, and yet pull off the abercrombie look. these kids arnt afraid to do/sell hard drugs and smoke 3-7 days out of the week. Despite being fucked up, rich, and have sex, 24/7 these kids are excellent athletes and do etremely well in school with high GPA's. that is a true MHSer.
Todd- yo last night i got some bitch so fucked up we was gonna bang but then she threw up on my prada shoes i was like hoe get out! then i went home and finished my calculus homework

Joe-damn i smoked like 9 blunts and i dont remember what happened. i burned a hole in my new pole, i was so pissed i just knocked a bottle of skyy off. i was hung over but i took my exam and got a 97%

Random person- Man fuckin MHSer's always got it good
by MSHer April 01, 2004
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