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(n): Mythical Creatures Union

the group dedicated to protecting the rights and privileges of Mythical Creatures in the workplace as well as within the government. Mythical Creatures only.

Organization Responsibilities:
- Defining and categorizing Mythical Creatures; includes new and known creatures
- Protect the rights of Mythical Creatures
- Provide accurate descriptions of all known Mythical Creatures without disclosing a particular creatures where-a-bouts or identity
- Provide non-Mythical Creatures with ways to donate and serve the less fortunate Mythical Creatures.
- Specific Member-only privileges disclosed only to Mythical Creatures and Human Mythical Creature Enthusiasts.
Tove 1: I became a part of the MCU when I heard they could fight my employer for my workers compensation.
Tove 2: Yeah! I joined for the free meals on Fridays and the Members-Only newsletter!
by MCAVenthusiast March 22, 2009
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(n): Mythical Creatures Against Vampires.

A group set out to ban Vampires from the Mythical Creatures sect. Relies on the basis that Vampires are actually real and therefore not allowed or accepted as Mythical Creatures. Also, Vampires are not knowing for being fun-loving; a key quality of Mythical Creatures.
Unicorn 1: Hey are you going to that MCAV meeting tonight? I think this week is about why Vampires are not fun-loving individuals.
Unicorn 2: Of course! We're also going over the definitions for fun loving. Should be great!
by MCAVenthusiast March 21, 2009
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1. to be a lover of fun, to enjoy good times

2. More specifically: a dedication and determination to the finding, seeking-out, and participating in enjoyable and exciting times, events, or occurrences. Used in MCAV meetings to determine if Mythical Creatures are meeting sect guidelines. Also used when determining if new and unknown beings can qualify as Mythical Creatures as according to MCAV and MCU guidelines.
1. Sally can be described as silly and fun loving.

2. Vampires are not very fun loving.
by MCAVenthusiast March 22, 2009
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