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The single weirdest school in New Jersey. VPA kids are insane. Health care kids are all Asians and Indians. Digital design kids are weird. Racist epithets are screamed with affection and Jewish kids are anti-Semites. There are 5 black kids in the school, but everyone has a fake black friend. Teachers either act like your friend or act like they wish they weren't there. You wait for the winter to play in the giant snow pile outside of building 3. You can go to the Deli whenever you want, as long as you bring enough food back for a teacher. There are 6 buildings but building 1, 2 and 6 are the same building and no one has ever been in building 5.
Dude, that kid is so weird, where does he go to school?


by CAMBPHJN November 02, 2010
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High School in Morris County, New Jersey. Home of the weirdest kids in all of New Jersey and the weirdest teachers. Full of kids with money that pretend they're poor and kids that are poor pretending to have money. The weirdest friendships on this planet and the all around greatest, weirdest kids around.
Who's that really weird kid who drove here in a BMW, wearing an 8 year old ripped sweatshirt, holding a bag of empanadas and a can of Monster?

Some kid from MCST

Makes sense
by TheDogTalks November 06, 2010
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