Multiple Choice Questions. Question with different selection of answers usually four. Goal is to pick the right answer to the question out of the answers.
Example of a MCQ:
B is for ___.
a) Apple
b) Boy
c) Cat
d) Dog
by se7en_ July 08, 2009
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Middle Class Queer - A Member of the LGBTQ+ community who comes from a position of privilege and fails to embody solidarity for more persecuted members of the community.
Amy does nothing on Trans Rights, shes an MCQ
by Repealist July 25, 2019
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Hit me up with some "Chloe MCQ".

That "Chloe MCQ" really helped a lot!

Kinda salty no one hooked me up with that "Chloe MCQ".
by Stillager December 13, 2021
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