Upper case M followed by lower case c: preface denoting something that is cheap, shotty, dead-end and highly standardized with little real value. Examples include:

McMansions: large, ugly, expensive houses built to order but according to a standard design by companies catering to those with money but not taste. Often prized by the newly rich who retain pedestrian middle or lower class tastes.

McJobs: low-wage, low-skill employment with no benefits and few prospects for advancement, as in WalMart.

McSchool: an unaccredited college or university that promises potential students that their marginal or worthless degrees will open career paths for them.
1. Mike got himself a Mcjob the other day, flippy burgers at the local McDonald's.

2. I can't believe my friend Janet just spent thousands of dollars on some on-line McSchool when she could have gone to an accredited state university or community college for half the money!
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010
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Master of ceremonies, Or a twat who talks over all the best bits in a D&B set. (you know who you are)
by Frank November 06, 2003
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merry christmas....say it to everything... it annoys the shit out of people...
"hey ur a bitch"
"yaa..okaay..m.c. mo' fucka"

"do u want me to hit u?"
"w/e m.c"
by MEn'JESSrLLFLbiATCH! May 14, 2004
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A prefix placed in front of a noun to connote an inherent attribute of either malaise, homogenization, gratuitous commercialism, mediocrity, or any combination thereof. In other words, add Mc to any noun to give it a tincture of everything the McDonalds empire has given to (or taken away from) the landscape of American culture.
by Rex Cavendish November 02, 2005
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It means minecraft, an addictive sandbox type game where you can do what you want with the main goal simple being to survive. Created by Notch
Me: What you up to?
Him: MC
by ElliotG December 05, 2010
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MC traditional usage Master of Cermonies

MC- Master of C family surname and Monies
MC- Master of Carsonmonies
MC- Master of Chetnermonies
MC- Master of Clarkmonies
MC- Master of Cohenmonies
by Backwards B June 16, 2010
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