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Lead singer for Avenged Sevenfold, otherwise known as A7X and should no way be compared to Zac Hanson. Born under the name Matt Sanders in Orange County, California.
He sings extremely well in "Seize The Day", track 6 on the album City Of Evil. (Warner Brothers)
by Destini July 20, 2005
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*wolf whistle* m shadows.. well dang his a kickass lead singer of avenged sevenfold, got some niiiice tattoos, a very tank body, always wears a bandana with a cap and, of course, sexy aviators.
M. Shadows is the gorgeous lead singer of a7x
by kandi pie April 26, 2006
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Lead singer for Avenged Sevenfold, also known as A7X. He has an amazing voice, even after he had surgery!!!Although his Real name is Mat Sanders. but M. Shadows is his stage could call it that i guess.
"OMG!! M. Shadows is so hot AND has the most AMAZING voice!what else could you ask for!?"
by xEmomusicrocksx April 23, 2006
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really hot lead signer of Avenged Sevenfold. AKA A7X. born born Matthew Charles Sanders on July 31, 1981.
M. Shadows is really hot and he sings really well. he's all i have on my ipod
by elle127 June 04, 2006
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M.Shadows (Matthew Sanders) is the lead singer for metal band Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) A7X's style at first was scream metal as previewd on sounding the seventh trumpet(1st full length album) then moved to a half scream-half sing method on waking the fallen (2nd full length) shadows extreme vocal style caused him to burst bloodvessels in his throat damaging his vocal chords he later had surgury to repair them and took many vocal training lessons with former axl rose voice trainer A7X the released city of evil (3rd full length) that showcased little to no screaming as just a rugged vocal style he is currently and has been for 12 years dating girlfriend valary dibenedetto.
M. Shadows, the lead singer for Avenged Sevenfold, is dating Valary DiBenedetto.
by Heath13 July 21, 2006
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The sexiest man alive! He got tattoos, can fuckin' scream like a REAL man! The main vocalist for Avenged Sevenfold or A7x. See if you want more info.
Me: Heeyy, M. Shadows. . .there's something in my room and I need you to help me get it out.
*Steps into my room*
M. Shadows: Okay, where is it?
Me: I'm sorry, but I love you way to damn much to let you go! *Frenches* Get in my closet. . .no fuck that. Get in my bed!
M. Shadows: WTF is your problem!
Me: My problem is that you aren't in my bed! *drools from my perverseness*
by Yerushalauim BatSheva November 13, 2010
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the lead singer of avenged sevenfold, which happens to be the greatest band ever...M. Shadows can be considered one of the sexiest men on the planet..nothing is hotter than a lead singer who is tatted, pierced and has a great voice ;)
M. Shadows has a great voice, especially on the Waking The Fallen cd
by Brittany <3 June 23, 2006
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