This word is used by only the most gentlemanly men. The word is a combination of “my” and “lady”, and is the most respectful way to address a woman, or, as gentlemen would call them, a queen.

Typically, a fedora would make you more of a gentleman. Especially if you tip the fedora.
*tips fedora* M’lady
by Impolite-Canadian April 10, 2018
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A greeting used when during a game of Texas hold ‘em poker, a queen of any suit is dealt during the flop, turn or river.

Used formally, and primarily in the United Kingdom, the greeting is accompanied with any of the seated players standing up and bowing in the direction of the dealt card with other players following the first players lead.
Card dealt
Any player, stands, “M’lady”

Other players “M’lady, you grace us with your presence, my liege, we are not worthy
by PokerAce14 March 06, 2018
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