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A beautiful, intelligent women. Who doesn't let someone else's opinion or hate get to them. They are very romantic and loving. Your very lucky if you have met one of these ladies as they are one of a kind. They are sweet, and will do anything for the person they love. If you have met a Lynea keep them close. They will never ever hurt you or cause pain. They will love you unconditionally forever if you stay loyal. If you don't stay loyal or treat a Lynea wrong they will walk out of your life without another word. They hold grudges and they don't let go what you did to them. Lynea's are good friends and will talk about anything and always have a shoulder to cry on. Don't ever leave a Lynea
Lynea is babe! She is so hot!

Don't mess with a lynea they will be your ass
by Mya Lucero August 27, 2017
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The rare and elusive intelligent hot blonde.
"That blonde doctor is a total Lynea."

"That blonde stripper was smokin hot and totally not a Lynea so I convinced her that monopoly money was going to be worth way more than the US dollar pretty soon. The whole night only cost me 10 bucks and that was for the second monopoly game I had to run out and buy."
by A hunter of Lyneas February 20, 2010
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Great kisser and a awesome friend lynea is typically good In the bed and has a high sec drive
I had a lynea over last night she was great
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