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Lyndsey’s are funny girls and fun to be around, they can be nice or they could be in a mood or angry at you, but if you mess up you messed up too much like if you annoy her or throw her paper airplane out the window, but she can be very kind and forgiving and that’s why she could be a very good friend
I wonder what urban dictionary thinks about lyndsey
by HackyTacky2001 December 28, 2022
Lolas are very kind, and lovable people. They are so nice and are always there for you when your sad and they are the funnest people to be around. But when you annoy a Lola you messed up BIG time, like for say if you threw a book at them or had an arguement with their best friend or if you done something bad in general, it will be slightly a hard time apologising but soon after a few days they will be back to normal! Lolas are the cutest girls you will probably ever meet in the world and they are the sweetest.
I want to know facts about this girl named lola
by HackyTacky2001 December 23, 2021
Dafydd are the bestest people to be around, there nice, they’re kind and they are funny as fuck and they can definitely be your best mates if you get to know them, there is nothing better than being friends with a dafydd.
I wonder what urban dictionary thinks about dafydd
by HackyTacky2001 December 28, 2022
Give your gf/bf hugs, kisses, chocolates and your hoodies

Boy: Here you go
Girl: Why did you give me a hoodie and chocolates
Boy: It’s December 15 lol
December 15 is nation kiss your gf/bf
by HackyTacky2001 December 13, 2021