Anything including a person, place, thing or event that is affected by hate and jealousy.

When a person who is so inflicted with hate and jealousy goes to Urban Dictionary and maliciously clicks on the "thumbs down" icon.
Oh man, look at all those thumbs down entries on my Urban Dictionary listing, my Urban Dictionary listing is suffering from Hopkins Lymphoma.

My window is suffering from Hopkins Lymphoma because it appears that my hater tossed a rock through the window.

The skate event was ruined by Hopkins Lymphoma when he showed up.

Look at that nasty response, this blog entry is suffering from Hopkins Lymphoma.

Internet trolls suffer from Hopkins Lymphoma.
by Bergen County Bombers August 05, 2011
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n. Medical condition. A swollen penis node one may experience during the viewing of a film starring American actress Vanessa Hudgens.
Person 1: Yo man, did you see Vanessa Hudgen's new Christmas movie "The Princess Switch"?

Person 2: Yeah, saw it last night. When she started speaking in her British accent I came down with a bad case of Hudgen's lymphoma.
by Richard_Hungwell December 12, 2018
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major cat disease, especially for school girl cat owners
stop making fun of my cat, he has spinal lymphoma
by giruwruwtthqelruhueiluwtyiutyi January 14, 2021
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