Derived from the Greek word -helios, Lyan means "Sun" as she will be the most radiant person you will meet. Her beauty is unmatched making her seem as a descendant of Aphrodite. You will fall in love with her and do everything you can but it wont be enough. Just having her as friend is a blessing, but always have hope that one day she will have a change of heart and give you a shot. Sometimes persistence is key. Just remember to keep your cool and be you.
Yo, you know Lyan?

Yeah I do why man?

I'm gonna ask her out and am extremely nervous.

Good luck man, just remember being friends ain't that bad.

I know, but Lyan she is the one for me. Go big or go home.

Right bro, go big or go home, all will be good no matter the outcome.
by thatguywiththebeard August 26, 2016
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Lyan is a piece of art. PERFECT. She is awe-inspiring, mellifluous, tender, brimtastic, alluring, winsome, voluptuous, ornamental and quintessential. She is soooooo sexy. She looks aesthetical, marvelous, ravishing, glamorous, healthy, wonderful and gorgeous. Also she is bewitching, astonishing, enticing and pulchritudinous. Lyan est beau. Lyan est magnifique. Lyan est étonnante. Lyan est excellente. SHE IS THE SEXIEST GIRL EVER!!!!!!
Lyan is gorgeous.
by Athaash - Lyan lover July 10, 2021
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Did you see lyan and her cute cat Timbit?
Lyan is so swag it hurts
by Not not josh April 08, 2021
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layan but in a bougier way
lyan is bougie
by ا November 01, 2020
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Lyanelis. A girl that has been used, made feel worthless and so much more. She still manages to show a smile on her face but inside shes hurting, shes loyal and mostly cares about others and puts everyone first instead of taking care of herself.. shes known as a cold and badass person only because shes afraid to show emotion, but when you get to know her shes kind, caring and very loveable.
WOW! that Lyanelis girl is so caring, I honestly cant believe people would even dare hurt her!
by nsjwnjdnjsanin October 17, 2019
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Lyanes are the brightest ray of sunshine lighting up your world. When they smill, you feel like nothing can go wrong in the universe. They are smart, strong, fierce, formidabe, with absolutely beautiful eyes, the soul of a cute fucking angel, and they adore cake.

Sometimes, they can be very insecure and can tend to cry a lot over trivial matters. Other than eliciting moisture through their eyes, they also spout water when hit with a stunning moment of comedy. This has cost Lyane many paper towels cleaning up her coffee table and carpet. Due to this spouting nature, Lyane can also be referred to as MerLyane.

having the personality of a sweet cupcake beckons the title of a very berry dandylicious luabe, everyone loves this hoo fucking boo
hey, it's Lyane!
watch out, she'll come for your cake

Hey MerLyane
I hate you

I hate you all
by whodoesntlovelyanemmmm August 10, 2021
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