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Derived from the Greek word -helios, Lyan means "Sun" as she will be the most radiant person you will meet. Her beauty is unmatched making her seem as a descendant of Aphrodite. You will fall in love with her and do everything you can but it wont be enough. Just having her as friend is a blessing, but always have hope that one day she will have a change of heart and give you a shot. Sometimes persistence is key. Just remember to keep your cool and be you.
Yo, you know Lyan?

Yeah I do why man?

I'm gonna ask her out and am extremely nervous.

Good luck man, just remember being friends ain't that bad.

I know, but Lyan she is the one for me. Go big or go home.

Right bro, go big or go home, all will be good no matter the outcome.
by thatguywiththebeard August 26, 2016
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