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A cool ass girl who don’t need no man
“Damn who’s that, I wanna date that chick
“That’s Luthea, she wouldn’t date you”
by ellanhopper March 07, 2018
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A girl who always has all the mans. She has all the men asking her out. Will have 3-4 boyfriends at once. She’s short but has a huge ass attitude. She has an ice cold heart, but loves all those who deserve her. Can do you dirty if you step out of line, so watch out. Huge ass and nice boobs
Darn did you see that girl”
Yah that’s Luthea”
“What’s she like”
“Cold but lovable, small but big attitude”
by ellanhopper February 08, 2018
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a girl who has a nice ass
"Damn did you see that ass, i wanna tap that"
"Yah she's such a luthea"
by ellanhopper January 07, 2018
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