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Stemming from the word "regular" (hence reguLUR) Lur is meant to be the complete opposite of what regular actually means. Lur is used to describe someone or something that a person does that is weird as shit or abnormal.
Conor: Yo bro did you see Justin jacking off during class?
Adam: Yeah bro that was Lur as shit!
by RobertBaruso4hunnid March 06, 2017
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L.U.R- Lesbian Until Release
Straight girls who go to jail then do lesbian sexual acts with the other inmates.
Jenny: So when you're in prison are you going to become a lur?

Grace: What?

Jenny: You know, lesbian until release!
by Alexis~ September 24, 2012
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1.A reaction to, a describable feeling otherwise indesribable.
First person:DUDE, you just won a new car and a thousand dollars!!

Second person: ooo LUR
by skizzy August 24, 2004
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An outburst of vocal emotion.
Often pronounced as:Luuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!, containing a long drawn out "ur" portion of the word.
A scream of emotion, good or bad.A tension reliever.
The call phrase of The Degenerates.
Founded by rap artists Tone Space and Big Diack circa. 1996.
Adopted into everyday use by the late great Peiter Shapar of "The Degenerates" fame. Also considered an ode and phrase of remembrance to Pete as well.
Yo mami, your ass is fuckin delicious!
by Robert Perry December 19, 2006
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