The act of being so drunk that the ability to walk becomes impaired and/or the ability to talk becomes mindless gibberish
Wow look at that guy, hes well lunted.


I was well lunted last night
by Scott Stella Sands September 15, 2007
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in polish army slang for a cigarette
Chodź na lunta
(let's go smoke)
by drunkfrog September 7, 2008
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An acronym derived from the derogatory term cunt, in description of a woman with small breasts.

LUNT is an acronym for 'Lower Unit No Tits'.
"Hey check out that lunt in the bikini."
by MissMaude June 20, 2017
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a term derived from Australia used to describe a person or state of being a legendary loose cunt.
"such a lunt."

"Lets get lunty"

"hey what are you up to?" "not much just lunting"

"mate your lunted"

"nothing to see here officer, just a bunch of lunts doing lunty things."
by Tumbulgum bubble gum November 6, 2017
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He who is about to get fired !
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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A small village on the border of Liverpool with a commendably easy to adjust sign.
"I passed Lunt Village the other day and changed the L to a C."

"Nice one"
by TomLdn September 1, 2008
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