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Someone who simply, can not take a joke or an insult in a situation of Banter.

Someone who can not give a joke or an insult in return to the person inflicting the joke or insult.

Someone that lacks a sense of humor.

Someone that reacts in a sensitive, unstable manner, that isn't thick skinned and responds negatively to being insulted or roasted.

Jordan Peterson Had a work colleague who was nicknamed "Lunch Bucket". He was named that because he brought an actual lunch bucket to work and it was because of his inability to take a joke or an insult that this nick name "Lunch Bucket" stayed with this colleague.
Daniel Caesar is a Lunch Bucket.

Dave Chapelle ridiculed Daniel Caesar... or did he?

Instead of laughing at the joke that Dave said, or even better, firing a joke back at Dave Chapelle, which could have potentially make John Mayer laugh his ass off, he decided to be offended, in a good old fashioned situation of Banter.
by Fried Rice! March 14, 2019
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