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most annoyin and gay
she smellz of poo neats bum cheese
by ema April 19, 2005
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One which is unique, extremely attractive, wears pink converse, enjoys spitting chewing gum at her partener, enjoys photo-booths, and generally is the most lovely gorgeous person you'd ever be likely to meet. Oh, and is loved by a little person called Andrew.
*points at Lucy* Gawd that girl is such a Lucy
by Mr Andrew April 14, 2005
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Usually found in the Australia with dazzling eyes and a smile to die for, a cuddly person who means the world to anyone (unless retarded)

a cute girl with a dazzling smile and beautiful eyes. often doesn't realise just how beautiful and charming she is. a lucy is intelligent, kind and the best sort of friend. she is there for you when you're sad and gives the most amazing hugs. she is funny without knowing it and has a head full of amazing stories. a lucy longs for fun and adventure and loves to dance. lucy can be shy and full of self-doubt, but once she lets you in she will make you happier than you ever realised.
who's that girl? she must be a lucy, she's so awesome and doesn't even know it.

Lucy Gadd is such an amazing girl who is loved by everyone.
by 7711aabb July 13, 2017
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