lubna is funny, and has a unique personality. she may not show her emotions and act careless in front of strangers, but she really has a caring and loving personality around her. She is stunning, so stunning that everyones head turns around in simple awe on how someone could be so beautiful. Lubna is honest, when she doesn’t like someone, she’ll tell it to them head on. Lubna is talented and friendly. sometimes when lubna notices you’re sad, she’ll comfort you as soon as she gets to you. She loves planning surprises for her friends and is such a good friend to be around. She brings positive energy and always manages to crack you up. Lubna is definitely someone you wouldn’t forget.
by simpleaali November 24, 2021
It comes from the root word "Laban" in Arabic. It is the name of a river in Heaven, made of milk and the Righteous drink from it.
by Syeda Lubna January 24, 2008
lubna is a bright and gorgeous girl. she has a bright mind, and very is smart in her favorite subject- (lunch time). she can also get moody sometimes, however she always find a way to make someone's day. lubna has the best jokes. she should get married next year (16)
by ANBUL February 5, 2022
A word that first appeared on the Frosty Heidi and Frank Uncensored Show ( episode #51 (released on 9/11/2009). Officially defined by Frank as a 'pussy booger' but is flexible enough to refer to any mystery object in ones under garments; usually of the organic nature.
Example as performed by Heidi Hamilton.

Man: Honey hey you want to?
Woman: Wait I need to check to make sure I don't have any lubnas.
by Blackbolt September 11, 2009
She's a nice girl that will always be by your side and will always care and love you

She's loving, caring, loyal,stuck up, outgoing, nice, beautiful, intelligent girl she's one of the best people a person can ever meet and well lucky me that's my best friend xD

~princess sugar plum~
She is the best person I have ever met

lubna girl

If you have a friend named lubna sent this to them xD
by Princess sugar plum January 7, 2018
Lubna is a awesome girl she finds her soul mate with starting letter N
Lubna word We can use this to describe moon
by Xmenzinda bad January 15, 2022