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A small township outside of Philadelphia that is part of the Montgomery County. Because it is so small, it contains only one school district which consists of its three schools- Pine Road, Murray Avenue, and Lower Moreland High School.
"Hey! Are you from Lower Moreland?"

by a lower moreland-er. January 31, 2008
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A town right out of the Northeast section of philly in the suburbs. Its small but consists of much farmland, country clubs, and cemeteries. Nearly everyone is a spoiled wigger in the township. The guys are fags and think they are the shit. The girls are all bitches and whores. AVOID LM GIRLS IF YOU DONT WANT AN STD!!!!(mainly the girls from the class of 2012, AT, SB, DC, KM, MC, VR, and NP). Everyone from lm thinks they are better then everyone else and always get into fights and end up losing. Fighting a kid from lm is like fighting a dead bird, just kick it, and its pretty much done with.
"did you get with that girl from Lower Moreland?"

"Neh, i dont want herpes"
by ewitsLM June 15, 2009
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Lower moreland is a small city by Philadelphia, near Bryn athyn. It consists of all white people, and a very few amount of blacks that are highly respected or they kill you. The girls mostly wear Uggs, hardtails, northfaces, and have their hair straightened. The guys have their hair spiked or really long "skater" hair with their pants down low. This is all wrong because they are all white and jewish. LM kids really think they are cool and will trash anyone before they know them. No one knows about LM from outside that city. Most kids would only want to get it for the education, never for the people.
Kid #1: Hey, what school are you in?

Kid #2: Yo Homie i go to lower moreland, thats where its at.

Kid #1: Sorry
by xxsmileyfacexxx April 03, 2010
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Small town outisde of philadelphia where many of the highschoolers accually think they are from the streets. Also, the town is full of japswho think they are better than everybody else. Most of Lower Moreland's vocabulary consists of "Nah bra" and "Narc".
Where are you from?

Lower Moreland.

Man, that sucks.
by nah bra March 29, 2008
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A small District out side of Philadelphia that is filled with fuckheads who don't know how the world works, and they think that they are always right. They always have mommy and daddy to get them their stuff and they are stuck up. Kids from Lower Moreland now days grow up to be failures. They are judgmental and immature, and they don't know how to handle a real situation. These kids are also trained by the teachers to hate different people and that the Jews are the best. The Holocaust is taught in 9 out of the twelve years in this district. The teachers pick favorites and they show it, and they make fun of the dorky kids. A common ailment of these kids is the way they think that they are "black" and that they live the "hard life". They are not, and they do not. If you can avoid this district, do so at all costs, lest you become one of the cesspool.
Hey man your from Lower Moreland?

No, thank god, i would not want to be an idiot from that school!
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Lower Moreland is a small township outside of Philadelphia. Most of the kids from there think that they are hood and all of the jews believe that they are better then everyone else. The girls are stuck-up bitches who think there the shit and the guys are all wanna be hardasses. When a girl gets her period, she recieves a brand new 30,000 dollar car. I don't know about everyone else but my first car sure as hell wont be 30,000 dollars, unless i discovered a cure for AIDS. The guys think there so fuckin tough because there cars have tinted windows and they have their ears pierced and because they speed out of the parking lot blasting Lil Wayne or Meek Millz. Kids from Lower Moreland get 30 dollars for taking out the trash and feeding there dogs. The most annoying part of Lower Moreland is the invasion of Israelis coming in. They think there so cool because they smuggled all that dam Afghani Kush in from the East. If you ever see an Israeli while passing through that shithole Lower Moreland, then sock him in the face or you'll regret it the rest of your life.
Random Kid: Hey bro, can i borrow 10 cents for this bottle of water. I haven't had anything to drink in 4 days.

Lower Moreland Kid: Nah brah, i want this 10 cents so i can buy the Carter 3 CD. That shits fuckin bangin yo.

Random Kid: Man that fucking pussy must be from Lower Moreland.
by Annoyed Catholic! December 13, 2009
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A small township out side of Philadelphia PA. The high school consist of wiggers and only 3 blacks. In the highschool 011 runs shit.
Im from the city but i moved to lower moreland where the jews act though and call you a narc.
by 011 runner April 03, 2009
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