When your power hungry tablet doesn't want to change.
Low Battery
*plugs in* Not Charging 5%
by Google is Cool September 14, 2020
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When u are too addicted to tik tok and your phone is about to die
Shit I've been on tik tok for way too long my phone has low battery!
by Dick sucking bitch March 23, 2020
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low battery can stand for a lot of shit! it basically means "all out of" a certain thing or just unwilling to continue. there can be: emotionally low on battery , physically low battery, financially low on battery ,or any other stupid thing anyone could use!!!
emotionally low batt- stressed, mad,emo, sad,lovesick,lonely,...(anything regarding emotions)
physically low batt- tired,sick,hungover(from over night partying),too drunk to stand up,stoned,jaded,or just f***ing sleepy...
financially low batt- broke(like britteny spears ever since she lost her underwear!),out of money(im sure you already get it... right?)

low battery can also mean "turned off" or what a girl says when shes not horny!!!
by im not emo October 27, 2007
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When your cellphone battery runs low, you have to take take low-battery measures such as reducing brightness, closing applications or maybe even switching on airplane mode.
A: "Why is your screen so dark? Do you even see something?"
B: "I'm running low on battery, I have to take low-battery measures to make it through the day."
by Peter324 December 12, 2013
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FOLB - Always worrying that you don't have enough power left in your cell phone battery
I spend 1/2 my life talking on my phone and the other 1/2 with a fear of low battery
by Philly Hockey Player August 4, 2022
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When a person got way too fucked up and has to work so uses the least amount of brain to survive through the day
Alyce got to' up off that Patron last night, she's at work today in low battery mode. slumped hungover hangover throwed lit jawn
by DBRLHOE December 1, 2016
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