Someone whose balls hang really low.
Man, I didn’t expect him to be such a low baller. Oh well, it’s fun I guess
by Okie pokie October 25, 2022
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A person who offers an unreasonably low amount for something they are trying to buy. Typically an offer of 30% (or lower) less than the asking price is considered a low ball offer.
Item X is for sale for the amount of $1500.

Low Baller:
I'll give you $1000 for your X.

GTFO of here. Like I said, no low ball offers you POS! And stop wasting my time!
by USMC SGT November 1, 2011
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a person who bargains extremely lower that retail or reasonable price. also, being ridiculously cheap.
the price for the phone is $250. no low ballers.
by julian, roberto April 29, 2008
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I wanted to play some basketball today, but there's nothing but low-ballers on the court
by John Deere 9860 STS combine October 29, 2021
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English: Person who offers same service or product for less than a competitor in order to score more customers and market share.
Urban: Dat muvfukka who always comin up in here 'n gettin' all up in my shit talkin' bout how he roll. Playa hatin' ho stealin' muvfukka! ( I went to college in west philadelphia I am fluent in ghetto)

If someone is selling 1 ounce of weed for $100, the low-baller will offer 1 ounce of weed for $75 in order to make a quick profit and killing the competition regardless of quality. The 100 an ounce might be of good quality with no stems or seeds, but the $75 bag will be regular crappy american skunker with stems and seeds. The low baller here is riding on making a quick buck driving the market prices down.
Geek squad offers a service for $249.99 to come to your house and fix your PC. Most people around my way will do it for far less. like $50 dollars. thats geek squads fault. I hope they go out of business.
by MXPCServices Dot Com April 10, 2008
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Somebody who makes an offer for goods/services which is absurdly lower than asking price. They attempt to "start low" to haggle you down to a price that is unreasonable.
I've been trying to sell the 24" Lorenzo rims from my Escalade on Craigslist, but I'm only getting offers from broke, ghetto ass low-ballers who waste my time. They act like they're serious buyers, then they show up and offer me half the asking price.
by timofyourlife October 26, 2011
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