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Lovett is one of 9 residential colleges at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Although it is commonly known as the ugliest of the residential colleges, it is, saying this objectively, the best party college at Rice.

It throws weekly parties of more than 150 people on one floor, several rooms of beer pong, several rooms of dancing, and rooms for smoking.

However there are public parties too. One for each semester. In the fall there is Getcheroxoff which used to be a strictly porno party in the 70's but now has been dulled down to themes like Pirate Booty. In the spring, Lovett hosts the best public party of the semester Casino Party, which was the first party at Rice University. All of these are costume parties.

Giggling girls: hey guys, where's the party tonight?
Boys: Lovett College! There's a keg and punch tonight.
Goggling girls: Ooooh what floor?
by weinerhole April 10, 2009
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the only college on Rice University campus capable of preparing a 20ft x 60ft Pop Tart.

p.s. lovett does not deserve capitalization
I really want to put a giant Pop Tart on top of lovett college.
by BSWB November 02, 2006
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