In Melbourne, Australia, the date 23rd February is known as a Lovely Day.
We always make sure to enjoy the Lovely Day by spending it with friends on the beach.
by Festival Jez February 22, 2020
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something an athlete posts on their snapchat story, meaning they have a game today
Did you see Jack post love day on his story?
by xXxG4merPr0xXx November 30, 2019
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A holiday (sometime in the middle of summer) made up by a retail store to increase sales during the summer slump.
Homer: Happy Love Day!
Lisa: It´s just a holiday that the stores made up to make more money

Homer: I´m not gonna have you ruin another Love Day.
by tromboneman January 15, 2008
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It happens on the 27 of eachmonth, u get to suck ur bf anywhere, anytime of the day
Baby guess what, it's the 27 so that means it's 27th love day so I can suck u where ever and when ever I want to
by Psychobich March 22, 2021
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Every 13-15 of February, you must hug every orange names in the Qwarz server
An orange: Hey it's orange love day!
by asdfghjklmn, swerdft February 9, 2021
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july 3rd is international xiao loving day. xiao day is a day where everyone gets to show their love for xiao from genshin impact, because he deserves it so so much.
happy xiao loving day!
by xiaoluvr1738 July 4, 2021
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The day where you love yourself no matter what you can eat WHATEVER you want you do you boo
Person: hey do you know what day it is? Other person: no what day is it? Person: its national self love day!
by Dina secret February 7, 2021
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