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If there is "no love lost" between two people, they have a strong hatred, hostility, or enmity for the other person, and make no attempt to conceal it.
Son, I'm aware that there's no love lost between you and your cousin Bob, but we'll be staying at my brother's lake house all week, so you'd better not ruin our family vacation by fighting!
by Eldorean May 27, 2009

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A deluge of emails received from a listserv that is mistakenly set to "reflector" mode, making every reply go to all the thousands of people on the email list! Most of the messages in the email storm say things like, "Remove me from this list" or "Why am I getting all these emails?" The email storm is worst when it happen on a weekend or holiday when the email administrator is unavailable to stop the problem, such as the Veterans Day 2009 (11/11/2009) email storm by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary afflicting all the thousands of Coast Guard Auxiliary members in District 1 SR.
> Why am I still getting all these emails?
> Remove me from this list
> Stop hitting REPLY, because it's going to everyone!
> So you do not want us to reply to any emails from this address?
> No! Stop hitting reply!
> Don't you realize you are exacerbating the problem?
> Unsubscribe
> Hey morons, stop saying "unsubscribe" because it's going to everyone! You've created an email storm!
> Take me off this list
> I am currently out of the office...
> Hey, why are you sending out of office messages to me? Take me off the list!
> Stop hitting reply.
> You first!
by Eldorean November 11, 2009

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