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When you have to duece really hard, and you go to sit on the potty and discover there is already duece or peepee all over the seat.
Dude: Oh boy that number 3 just hit my lower intestine.

*Dude walks to the second stall and realises there is poo smeared all over the toilet with dried pee sploches*

Dude: Barnacles I just lost my poopetite
by Mr.Frog January 22, 2011
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Like loosing my appetite, but instead of not wanting to eat anymore, its not wanting to poop anymore.
ex: Holding your poop in for the whole day at school, and not having to poop anymore at the end of the day.
I lost my poopetite bc of school bruh.
by xStydia_afx September 02, 2015
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