A group of men consisting of: Luke Sloan, Will Mitchell, Tyler Jordan, and Jake Johnson. Who runs every party they attend. They got their nickname from Senior Week of 2010 when they made Myrtle Beach their bitch. So now they reside in the in the suburbs of statesvegas. They have no regard for anyone, anything, or life its self.
Look at those bad asses they must be the Lordz.
by Reptileman33 January 12, 2011
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A statement shouted out while 'bashing' locos, especially when they thrash. It is usually heard when the 'bashers' are tanked up with ale.

*Behind 37427 on the WHL*
Spam: Shutup you ginger faggot *throws Fly's shoes out of window*.
by TopMan August 27, 2007
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Yukmouth & C-Bo; Two highly respected gangsta rappers hailing from Oakland California, affliated with the late Tupac Shakur.
Freestyle or written, Thug Lordz be shittin make ya think about quittin'
by CROOK-NUSS September 10, 2004
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An acronym meaning "Left-Over Remnants of the Dead Zone". Used to describe your true ride or die homies.
See these niggas? They my LORDZ.
by Chupacavraz February 21, 2016
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