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A group of men consisting of: Luke Sloan, Will Mitchell, Tyler Jordan, and Jake Johnson. Who runs every party they attend. They got their nickname from Senior Week of 2010 when they made Myrtle Beach their bitch. So now they reside in the in the suburbs of statesvegas. They have no regard for anyone, anything, or life its self.
Look at those bad asses they must be the Lordz.
by Reptileman33 January 11, 2011

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No single article of clothing is as versatile as the gorilla suit! You can wear a gorilla suit to a Crazy party for alot of laughs, to a robbery or hold up, to make a bigfoot hoax, to a bathroom in a park, even some crazy gorilla fetish you might have with your significant other, and then practice your techno remixes in it, all in a single evening. Without a well-constructed, well-tailored "G-SUIT", your closet is sadly lacking A must needed piece of equipment.
This is one crazy badass in a Gorilla Suit, He must be a member of the Lordz !!!!!!!!
by Reptileman33 January 16, 2011

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