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A sub genre of shooter video game with the core mechanic of progression being drops, container loot, rewards, and shops in conjunction with a leveling system and likely crafting systems using components from drops, container loot, rewards, shops. A looter shooter can be first and/or third person, cooperative, mmo, single player, or competitive or a culmination of some or all with the inclusion of a story. Battle Royale can be considered pseudo-looter shooter but as they lack meaningful progression systems they do not fall into the genre except in lax semantics.
I got a really rare drop last night in that new looter shooter. It really helped with the boss.
by Malicemillenium April 09, 2019
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Obtaining loot at a progressive rate with the primary game mechanic being first/third person shooter I guess would be the best way to describe it
Bungie Employee: Destiny is the best looter shooter ever!
by Ukumio June 07, 2018
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