Being loopy is the state of being mentally deranged, possibly out of one's mind. Calling someone loopy is to suggest that the person is in some form of daze. Therefore their speech or acts seem incoherent and disconnected.

If one of your friends began committing bizarre acts, such as expressing an unmistakably wrong opinion, you would describe them as loopy.

The term loopy also doesn't need to describe a person, as inanimate objects or animals that perform seemingly peculiar acts could also be described as loopy.
"Our teacher told us the due date was tomorrow, despite it being next week."
"What a loopy fella."
by Traain August 13, 2021
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A person, usually a female, that displays silly, eccentric, or inane behavior; ditsy.
"Did you go out with loopy last night?"

"Nah, she was too busy playing
by Neo June 14, 2003
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Loopy:.... an urban adjective.

A fly term describing an individual who networks well: linking up with another entity to become "loopy" aka in the loop.

An intelligent individual(usually an entrepreneur or businessman) who seeks to increase their financial success by linking up "or becoming loopy" with another business, product, or company. In the Loop.

A noun that conveys the sense of being amongst an inner circle, select group, or few.

This hip new term can be found popular amongst the youth in NY and North NJ (mainly montclair). It was made famous by Harlem rapper Max B.
"Poor Johnny didn't receive an invitation to the house party because he wasn't loopy enough. Maybe next time he needs to step his swagg up, so he can hang with the cool kids and get in the loop".

"That super-fly-guy Duece Zulu is real loopy, he's always in the loop".

"Getting Money is Loopy. You're not in the loop if you're broke".
by d.zulu December 17, 2009
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A nickname for lady gaga. Given to her by her father when she was little many monsters affectionately call her this.
Joe: wheres my loopy?
Joe: Loops took her first steps today
by msvanityg March 12, 2013
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"Save my name into your phone will you"

"Nah I'll put it as Loopy"
by laughmyassoff! May 15, 2016
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Loopy - A loving deigo with an afro. Can often be sighted at Denny's in a corner booth. Without coffee, can get grouchy. Very Sweet, but often confusing.
by MethanBetney September 23, 2004
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A dizzy but not-quite-dizzy sensation brought on by a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications.
I took my meds this morning, and I've been loopy every sense.
by Rbd41 January 11, 2016
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