Somebody that resembles an ex boyf/girlf so closely that it makes you laugh.
teenage girl: omg, that boy totally looks like your last boyfriend!
teenage girl 2: omg, he's a lookalike!
by Lookalike Lover. November 30, 2009
A girl over the age of 18 who appears to still be under 18 in the sense of a jailbait (Jailbait: an underage girl who appears to be over 18 because of her well developedness). She is the pedophile and creepy old guy's unattainable dream.
Pedophile: Oh, damn man... look at that chick walkin' in, she's gotta be 16, musta used a fake. I'm gonna go mack on her.
Guy: Are you joking? That's my sister... she's 20, just a jailbait lookalike you sick f@#$.
Pedophile: Well, then she'd be legal then?
Guy: Yeah, but unattainable for your fat, ugly, desperate @$$.
by Nipplefeister December 22, 2009
An incredibly attractive man who could be Elvis Presley's twin.
My heart starting racing when I saw that Elvis lookalike.
by Laverne's mom March 10, 2017
Someone who looks like Elmer Fudd. But bears an uncanny resemble. Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd.
The Elmer Fudd lookalike threw his sandwich down, and got his gun. Shhhh, we go a wunting now!
by Iam not Elmer Fudd December 22, 2019