1 definition by Nipplefeister

A girl over the age of 18 who appears to still be under 18 in the sense of a jailbait (Jailbait: an underage girl who appears to be over 18 because of her well developedness). She is the pedophile and creepy old guy's unattainable dream.
Pedophile: Oh, damn man... look at that chick walkin' in, she's gotta be 16, musta used a fake. I'm gonna go mack on her.
Guy: Are you joking? That's my sister... she's 20, just a jailbait lookalike you sick f@#$.
Pedophile: Well, then she'd be legal then?
Guy: Yeah, but unattainable for your fat, ugly, desperate @$$.
by Nipplefeister December 22, 2009
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