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A song by the rapper XXXTENTACION. It's the most known song among non-X listeners. People like to bandwagon on this song. X just can't keep his D in his pants.
Person 1: Did you hear the song Look at me!?
Person 2: Yeah... She kicked me out I'm like vro.
by KNH8 September 17, 2018
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Phrase you yell when you pants someone in a public place, preferably a mall. People will look, guaranteed. It's even funnier if you push the person down and run away.
After you pants someone, push them down, yell "look at me!" and run away.
by TUDE August 08, 2006
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Phrase not spoken, but played out in actions (i.e stripping) by attention-whores and fucktards.
The attention-whore went into a bar and stripped down into nothing but her underpants. Her actions totally screamed "LOOK AT ME! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"
by bastardized bottomburp May 17, 2003
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Word Used to Degrade one's performance and usually make the other person feel bad.
John: I just won the lottery
Dave: Well Look at Me!!
by KA August 28, 2003
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something me and my brother made up, used at the begining at an impression sentance followed by a name, then by something stupid they just did
"Look at me i'm Kyle, I get drunk in wisconnson and some dudes beat the fuck out of me"
by Brian Johnson September 02, 2003
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